Navajo Churro wool. Natural colors.
$2.50 per oz. Most yarns are 750 yds/lb.

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Navajo Churro Roving for sale. This roving was washed and carded by Zeilinger Wool - specialists in long fiber processing. Great for hand spinning as well as felting projects. Ask for a free sample of the roving if you're not sure about the color. The roving is $1.50 per ounce.


Skulls for sale Bleached and dried Navajo-Churro multi-horned ram skulls for sale. Beautiful! $125 ea. Shipping is about $25.

Fleeces for sale Call or email for available colors.

Pelts for Sale Professionally tanned pelts. Dimensions are an average from the smaller distances - they're pretty big! Plus they are full fleece pelts, very soft and supple except where noted. Skin side of the pelt is shown, to note tears and holes - no factor if it's going on the floor or on a seat, but perhaps a factor in other projects. Call or write if you have questions. Shipping is extra (about $15).